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Cars, bikes, trikes, trucks, rods, rides, rats, tankers, sleds...whatever you call 'em, here they are for you to enjoy.Photos, shows, swap meets,'ll find all that related stuff below.

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KKOA '99 Cooper Motors '00
Hanover '01
NSRA 2002



Hemmings Motor News
Read like the bible, it is one of the most helpful, and most well-known sources of good classified ads. Not a lot of pictures, but a TON of great finds.

Car Kulture Deluxe
Formerly known as Hot Rod Deluxe, this is one of the greatest new magazines that exists in the world. It's a tribute to the great style, flair, and greatness of the original Hot Rod magazine set in the '90's. All awesome rods, all the time!


Hells Bells
Ladies, and less importantly, gentlemen, start your engines! This all-female car club is full of bad girls with wrenchin' skills and a whole lot of rockin' rides. Sure, they are entirely West-Coast based (San Fran, LA and Seattle), but I'm so happy to see women working on cars that I'm willing to give their location a pass.

the Jalopy Journal
This shining gem of an online hot-rod magazine has been around for just as long, if not longer than this site, and has by far surpassed us in every way. Filled with amazing articles and with the well-known H.A.M.B. forum, the Jalopy Journal is not to be missed, or messed with.


Hop Up Magazine
This is the online version of the incredible little 3/4 sized magazine from the "good old days". It's full of editorials and can you pass up something like this??


Rolls & Pleats Magazine
Rolls & Pleats is a quarterly magazine about traditional rods and customs...they only show you rods which are done in the classic American style of the 1940s, '50s and early '60s. A we recognize a good number of cars and people in the magazine, so chances are it's probably made by someone we've talk to at one point or another. At any rate, their content is solid...solid steel that is!!


Dover Drag Strip
A great site about one of the premier drag racing sites on the East Coast, loacted in Montgomery, NY, that opened in 1961 and became the major racing grounds for hot rodders from many states in the Northeast.

Mooneyes USA
If you're on this page and you don't know who, what, or where these guys are, you need to get it together. Everything from car parts to flair pieces (ala door locks and necker knobs) to t-shirts and dashboard hula girls!


Hot Wheels
Makers of some of the most beautiful little collector cars that you've ever seen in your life. As a collector, I can say they make the best, and only the best!


So-Cal Speed Shop
These folks are aparantly the leaders in classic cars and salt racers, or so the reputation goes, and just about everyone in the hot rod world has heard of 'em.  Granted, they associate themselves with the likes of Bruce Meyer, a rich guy who collects awesome cars (i.e. the Pearson Bros. coupe) that ought to be in museums, but regardless, they are so famous, they earn a link on our site.


Viva Las Vegas
The greatest Rockabilly/hot-rod weekender organized by our bud Axle & The Shifters...the famous, and infamousrodders of the So-cal area.


J.J. Best & Co.
Get a loan for stuff related to your Classic Car.


Hagerty Classic Car Insurance
I think this company specializes in classic car insurance that won't cost you an arm and a leg...and a couple paychecks, and your house, etc...


State Farm Insurance
Once you have your car, insurance is a must for when some jerk-off damages your wheels. State Farm is also kind enough to shell out insurance to classic cars.

Grindstone Magazine
The hippest in current low-brow art, car culture, music and other kinds of retro wackiness. Only published every once and awhile, so make sure if you see one, you grab one!


Sailor Jerry Online
You know and love his tattoos, and what better way to display your love for "Sailor Jerry" Collin's talent (besides inked on your body) than on clothing, accessories, and housewares?? Here you can buy everything to satisfy your old-school tattoo desires...including where to purchase the famous and fabulous Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum!


Font Diner
I have YET to find a company that has more beautiful retro fonts than the Font Diner! This site is a must for all you vintage-minded graphic designers out there who are on a quest for immaculate fonts. Great prices...great design...great style. You can't beat that with a stick!


Hot Rod Condoms
"All good mechanics keep their tools clean...shouldn't you?" Don't be a cad; cap your friggin' pipe.
Cody Moore (aka StarCad) has a great setup going on here with fabulous clothes for guys and girls alike! The website is still in the process of being updated, but take a look at what he's got up now!

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