Finally, for the first time in ages I managed to make it out for the Rumblers NYC 9th annual Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills show, held under the BQE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were tons of cars, tons of bikes and a whole lot of creative wrenching on display. Bands played, booze flowed, I made friends with a crazy hot rod guy from Sweden who was in love with the love going on at the scene. Good times had by all.

Awesome '53 Pontiac...I've got great video of this thing doin' a crazy burnout...
Check it out!!

Me and my friend Tim (the tall guy with the greasy mop who took this shot).

Funny, but I still think we can all just fuckin' get along. (Being the car loving, tree hugging dichotomy that I am.)

The aftermath after the aforementioned burnout video

I couldn't HELP but to take a photo of this guy, who was so insanely out of place, not only with his Corvette (which was a StingRay, so I'll at least give him credit for that, being the last model Corvette I really ever cared for), his Grateful Dead sticker, hawaiian shirt and for the love of god...gas station Exxon tiger tail. Whatever floats yer boat, I guess. I'll try not to judge (too harshly).

Behold! The Speed Fetus!!!

Indian Larry's folk

Homeward Bound

The Memphis Morticians

The Turbo A.C.'s

USA! USA! Lo-rider bikes keepin' Brooklyn realz.
If you want to view any of these images in a larger format, visit this set on Flickr.