Of all the car shows that come around the Gettysburg, PA area, our favorite at the Garage is most definiately the Kustom Kemps of America (aka KKOA) is our favorite. The cars are the sweetest, the people are the coolest, and they always have a band that plays Saturday night. Of course, if they got a great rockabilly band to play it would be better, but usually it's some 50's song cover band that is booked for the enjoyment of the 40-60 year olds that make up the majority of the crowd. Then again, more and more young kids in the car scene are showing up every year, and maybe someday, we'll finally get to take it over!

Also starting Thursday night, just about everyone in town for the show drives into Gettysburg and parks in the parking lot across from Rita's Italian Ice, down the street from the National Cemetary gates. It's a great way to talk to people and get to see the cars in all their night-time glory. Our favorite part? When people get liquored up and test out their flame throwers...damn is that a sight to behold!

At any rate, here is a very small example of the rides at the show, all of which are great. We have many more pictures from later years, but can't find them at the moment. When we do, be assured that they will have their own showcase here on the site. And if you see your car here, PLEASE e-mail us with details...we'd love to post 'em!
Now, on to the show!

As you can see, here's a '50 stock Oldsmobile, complete with original magazine ad!

Sweet ride with scallops and and even sweeter
bullet grille.

This car had one of the most immaculate flame jobs we've ever seen!!

Even death came to party.

A black, cherry red metal flake pain job with red flames. A hot merc...lame pun intended.

This Merc had fabulous black/cherry red pearl paint, stock grille and beautiful lakepipes.

These stickers were on the side window of another fancy Merc, this one a convertable complete with shrunken head rear-mirror flair!

Nothing like showing off your striping skills on a hot summer day.

Well, like we said, not too many pictures, but they sure as hell are good ones. KKOA 2002 will again be held in Biglerville, PA at Oakside Park from June 7-9, 2002!  Be there or be a huge freakin' square!
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