As always, the yearly KKOA show in Biglerville, PA is one of my all-time favorites. The sun is always shining, the cars are always sparkling, and the people are always friendly. I noticed this year that even though the numbers were very, very small, there were a few more young Greaser folks in attendance, which is always nice to see.

But this year, I got to do something special that was truly exciting - I got to meet one of the stars from American Grafitti, Candy Clark (who played Debbie - you know, with the blonde wig). She autographed a picture for me and then noticed I had a camera. "Do you want to take some pictures together??" she beamed. Of course I wanted to. And believe it or not, they turned out great!!! Then my mom swiped the pictures of us to show to some friends of hers and MISPLACED them. So sadly, you won't get to see those until they are found. But the rest of the good rides are here so enjoy! I wrote down a bunch of stuff about them but can't find the notebook (I'm so organized, aren't I?) so when I find it I'll fill you in on the goods!


Now this right here is a hot car. The sculpting, the bullets, the ghost scallops.

And even though I'm not a fan of Continental kits, this one is ok with me. Check out the scallops on the interior.

Aparantly I'm starting with the blue cars first. Sweet '59 Caddy.

With a super-fine vinyl tuck & roll interior.

Speaking of Caddys, here's a beautiful '60. This was a fine specimine of a car.

Sweet cherry-red Impala.
Nice black Merc...
...and another for those who like the wind in their hair.
Now this '58 Chevy was an awesome ride I've seen before at KKOA shows.

I think I know who owns it, but I'm not sure. So if it's YOU, let me know. What a beautiful car! 
Pretty on the outside...
...pretty on the inside.
This was by far one of my favorite cars - the flames, the lakepipes, the grille, the whole 9-yards. This is one bad-ass Ford, I tell ya.
Not sure what car this belonged to. I think it's the same type of inline engine Crummy has in his truck. Just taking a photo to show what could be done with it, that's all.

Just a fabulous photo, really (but I digress). Check out the beautlful beehive bullet caps.

This too was a hot ride. The pinstrip scallops were just darling. A fine sight for East Coast eyes.

I'd seen this car on more than one occasion at the Biglerville KKOA show (check past pictures to see what I mean) and it has always been one of my favorites.

Ok now seriously, I'm all for creativity and what not, but this is just a monstrosity. A customized Pontiac GrandAm?? God, it hurts my eyes and probably hurt the owners pocketbook. What a waste!

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy visors (especially on a Merc)? Just something about 'em...I guess it's the whole Mexican low-rider vibe, I don't know, but it's tough-lookin', that's for sure!

Ain't nothin' quite like primer.

Beauty of a flamed Ford.

Crummy inspects the goods.

A veteran of past KKOA shows.

Banana Yellow is something ya don't see a lot of, but this one just looked right. And it's for sale!! (or was, anyway)

This year at the show, there were two special show cars, The Matador (which you've no doubt heard of), and the Golden Indian. Both were fabulous specimines of custom rodding and thus, I took a lot of picture of them. What can I say, I'm shutter happy. So enjoy!


(trunk shot)

Crummy & El Matador restoration photos.

Thos obviously isn't the "Golden Indian". It's the other show car, a custom Impala that was on display that day.

And Last, but certainly not least, we have one of our favorite
trucks in attendance that day, Crummy's '61/'62 long-bed
Chevy. (The black wheels were his doing).

Well that's all she wrote kids! If I ever find those pictures of Candy and me I'll put 'em up. Peace, love and grease!
close window to return to the garage!