Well, the first car show of the season came and went over an early April weekend, and of course, Crummy and I were there. We saw a lot of the same cars as usual, with one awesome exception....Tom Fisher's '27 Roadster, which you will all get to drool over in a few seconds! We talked to the guy (who's from York, PA) for about 20 or so minutes, and he really seemed to like the fact that we're "youngsters" and we thought his ride was the coolest one there. It turns out (and if you guys read your hot rod magazines) that Tom had written a letter to, I believe, Hot Rod Magazine about a year and a half ago, about how awesome the Shifters' cars were, etc. etc. Crummy remembered him from that letter, and told him, and Tom just said, "You remember my name from that letter? Man, that's wild!" So we told him about our times with the Shifters and Axle and I think he wished he could have been there. All in all, a very cool guy, a very cool car, and a pretty good opening-season show.

Don't forget that the show season is just beginning! The weekend of June 1st is the weekend of the NSRA meet at the York, PA Fairgrounds!! Thousands of cars....only a handfull of people like us. If any of you are headed to the registration for the show at the York Holiday Inn (I believe) on June 1st, Crummy and I will be there! We'll also be at the show on Saturday so hopefully we'll get to finally meet some of the people who write to us! Cheers everyone!

A good-lookin' stock '57 Chevy.

An old racing coupe that was cleaned and restored to original condition.

(This is just my attempt at an "artistic" photo.)

A primer black & flamed GMC pickup out back.

This green Chrystler was in really pristine condition.

...its interior was so white it was next to blinding!!

As you can see, this was one of my favorite rides at the show...other than
Tom's of course, which you'll see pictures of later.

'53 Ford hidden out back!

The '53 interior, a bit too much peach
for us, but still cool.

A two-toned '51 Ford...
...with louvered caps...
...named "Ed's Sled".

The Posies "Orange Krisp" was also at Cooper Motors.

Another shot of it.

Here you can almost see Tom...he's the guy in the leather jacket with the Indian patch on it.

His '27 roadster was running a pretty little Flathead, on a Nash frame (of all things...they're stronger than model A's), with '50 Pontiac taillights.

That's right...our winner for Best of Show. Tom Fisher's '27 roadster from York, Pa.

The interior was equally as cool (and the Schmidt's shift knob was a nice accessory).

A nice side shot w/ flames and all...how do you like yours cooked??

Kustom Kitten says: "Sweet Dreams". This was my 2nd favorite car at this show. I LOVE Mercury customs.

Recognize this?? You'd BETTER.

Every show we go to out here, the Happy Days roadster/pickup is sure to make an appearance (usually a short one just to save face but that's just our opinion).

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