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Low-brow, high-brow, no-brow...whatever. Art is whatever you make of it, and here is a bunch of it that I like, and you might be interested in. This page is ever expanding (as usual) and I hope to be able to feature new things here ever now and again, that stay longer than just a post on our blog.

If you think there's something I should have on this page that's missing or you're an artist who wants a little web-lovin' for your work, then let me know.

Illustration at right by of my favorite female illustrators, who is always kickin' out the jams hard core.

Please hold yer horses while we finish tooling up this part of the site!!! Adding new things as we can...


Robert Williams
Williams is truly a modern surrealist master. If you aren't already familiar with his mind-melting, pop art masterpieces, you need to get to schoolin' yerself. Bold colors, lots of low-brow, hot rod imagry and enough deeply disturbing imagination-fodder to fuel your messed up dreams for months. Oh yeah, and he only started the foremost low-brow art magazine of all time, Juxtapoz.
Well versed in the classic Monster-In-Hot-Rod kind of riffs off Ed Roth designs, as well as tiki & pinstriping illustration, Von Franco (who looks like a beatnik Elvis) also spends his time building old cars that are every bit as fine as his work. His website is pretty outdated, but you can browse his work over on PosterPop.
Rockin' Jellybean
Japan is one of many other countries obsessed with hot rod culture (including Australia and Sweden, just to name a couple), and is home to several great hot rod and motorcycle shows, as well as a number of great, vintage-sounding garage pop/rockabilly bands. Japan is also home to Rockin' Jellybean - an artist whose lush ladyscapes leave your mouth watering and your wallet ultimately emptied on whatever it is they want you to buy. Jellybean has such a 60's beach blanket bingo meets 70's roadhouse sexploitation vibe, it's work that's hard not to adore.
Keith Weesner
A one-time background artist for the animated Warner Bros. Batman cartoon, Weesner now spends much of his time focusing on his solo work, which includes a whole lot of painting and a lot of merc illustration (which I tend to like more than his actual paintings). His subject matter is vampy and Jetson-ish, with flying bubble-top cars, neon landscapes and worn, muted colors. He is also a member of the Burbank Choppers Car Club, along with (if I remember correctly) several other past WB illustrators and animators.
Alex Higgins
Tattoos, classic cars and motorcycles are like the Three Musketeers (the literary characters, not the candybar) of rockabilly culture; nary is one seen without the other two in tow. So it makes perfect sense that a gearhead tattoo artist from Chicago would find a way to combine at least two of them more perfectly. That artist is Alex Higgins, and his masterpieces are tattooed rawhide solo motorcycle seats, which can all be found at his Electricsolos website. His mastery of old school flash style work and impeccible hand skills (yes, the art is literally tattooed with a needle and ink on the leather!) make for the perfect accessory to your custom bike build.
Sanfrancisco based artist Chris Cooper, known to most everyone as "Coop", my favorite purveyor of poster art pornography, is one of this century's great masters of illustration. His women are large and in charge. His rods are slick and shiny. He has produced paintings and posters, toys and fonts, all in the good name of motor madness. If there was a Jesus of hot rodding culture, Coop is (at very least) one of the most important twelve diciples. You can check out Coop's own hot rod ramblings on his blog,
the Positive Ape Index, or his enviable photography projects on his Flickr page.

Jeral Tidwell
An incredible and versatile artist based out of Nashville, Jeral has created a vast and dark empire of hot rod, rock and roll and grafitti work truly worth worship. (Not to mention he is the nicest guy ever.) AND the man now has his own line of pinstriping brushes, which I've heard people raving about.
Artist Greg Reinel (alias Stainboy) is a Florida-based artist who eagerly assaults your eyes with flourescently fuckable imagry in every single one of his posters (ok, except a few, unless you like having sex with cars and planes).
Adam Swinbourne
The delightful Mr. Swinbourne, a resident of Toronto, has been making music-related illustrations for quite a long time. Chances are if you've ever been to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Dropkick Murphy's show, you've seen his work on the backdrop behind the band. His cartoonishly realistic style lends itself well to the tounge-in-cheek goofiness in much of works. He was even sweet enough to do a caricature of yours truly, for a page in a childrens coloring book.

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